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Environmentally Safe Treatment for All Your Pest P
Call Us Today! (708) 238-4192
Quality Pest Control
Professional Pest Control Technicians
The presence of vermin and rodents in your property increases your exposure to diseases and illnesses. Entrust your pest issues to the professional pest control technicians at Pest-B-Gone to ensure that you get quality pest control and effective results. We are licensed and certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health. You can count on us to solve your pest problems in the most efficient way possible. We serve the residents in Will County and surrounding areas.
Our Pest Control Services Include:
  • FHA/VA Termite Inspections
  • Same Day Termite Treatment
  • Wasp Proofing
Termites on wood
Put an End to Pest Invasions
Rid your home of pests immediately and employ the services of a pest control company that is always ready to address your pest issues. Take full advantage of our 24-hour service and call us anytime at (708) 238-4192. Speak with one of our friendly staff and discuss your pest control needs. Our team will promptly visit you and eliminate the pests invading your home.